How Ambit Energy Is Helping People Reach Financial Freedom


Live the Dream Millionaire it’s a word of aspiration-something just about everyone desires to achieve. Ambit energy's Millionaire Club is the standard of achievement set by the top business owners and leaders in the company. They have reached this honor by helping other people realize their own dreams and write their own success stories.

The Ambit Energy Millionaire Club is becoming less and less exclusive. When a Consultant has earned more than $1 million, he or she becomes a member of the Millionaire Club – complete with a tailored yellow sports coat. As of January 2015, the Millionaire Club has 24 very happy members.

When earnings get over $5 million, Consultants get a special purple sports coat. So far, we’ve brought in the tailor six times.

One of the best things about Ambit is that you get to define your own version of success. Maybe your goal is to save for an early retirement, pay off debt or put a kid through college. The fact is that Ambit has helped thousands of Consultants to achieve financial freedom — or earning enough residual income to pay off all their monthly bills.


Take Control of Your Future

The new economy is forcing Americans to revisit their belief systems. No longer can people count on employers to provide a steady and dependable source of income. These individuals are breaking the rules that corporate America has set for decades: get up, go to work from 8 to 5, come home, go to bed, then repeat this process every weekday. They are taking charge of their futures by becoming self-employed business owners. Today, many more people are trading in their W2s for 1099s. Network marketers don't have to be slaves to their jobs. They can achieve balance in their lives. Best of all, self-employed people have time to spend with their friends and families.

The Power of Residual Income Millions of people around the world are discovering home based business is a better option for creating the life they want to live. One of the best ways to start a business in today's economy is through the network marketing model, also known as direct selling provides an opportunity to start your own business with a low overhead and a steady cash flow. By partnering with Ambit Energy, consultants have the ability to participate in a multibillion-dollar industry. Providing a great product at a great price weren't enough, Ambit Energy also handles all the product delivery, billing and customer-service issues. With Ambit Energy's revolutionary business opportunity, building a successful network marketing business truly is as simple as turning on the lights.

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