What Makes Us Different from Any other Network Marketing Company?


We deliver the end product to the consumer at below retail.

In most lotions, potions and pills businesses you charge $10.00 for a bottle of vitamin C, that you could go buy at Wal‐Mart for $3.00, its retail plus, plus to garner enough revenue to pay out the distribution force. With Ambit Energy customers will save an average of 1 to 20 percent per month over the old monopolies.


Everybody already uses our product.

You don’t have to convince somebody that they need electricity or natural gas. Energy is a recurring monthly bill, so people don’t drop out when they decide they don’t like or need the product. And recurring monthly bills mean recurring monthly commissions for consultants.


Everybody already understands it.

There is no product training. Look at our business presentation. We don’t have a feature benefit presentation: Take this juice and it’s going to make you feel this way, take this pill and it will eliminate the pains in your joint, take this pill and it will make you lose weight, put this magnet here – it’s going to do this for you? No! Everybody understands the benefits of electricity and natural gas because they have used it since birth.


We don’t sell anything.

Energy is not a “want to buy” product. It’s a “have to buy” service. So there’s no selling required. In all those other companies you’ve got to get a credit card or a check card and you’ve got to put them on auto-ship. They’re going to get hit with a bill at the end of every month or they’ve got to write you a check for the product you just sold them. At the point of signing up a consumer in our business, we don’t collect any money. If we inherently understand people are disgusted and will get sick over thinking about they’ve got to go sell something, why in the world would you get in a business where you’ve got to sell something? WE DON’T HAVE TO SELL ANYTHING! We are in the education business. We don’t have to remind customers to spend money on energy-they’re already doing so.


We don’t change the way the consumer buys the product.

People will revert back to the way they always bought a product. You can’t create your residual income selling something that changes the way the consumer buys the product. “People want to buy stuff when they need it, not when you need them to need it.” We don’t change the way the consumer buys the product. They’re already buying energy. All you have to do is explain they’ll get lower rates and complimentary travel when they sign up as an Ambit Energy customer. The incumbent energy company is going to continue to service the lines and read the meter.


Taking it to the Next Level Ambit’s product is a public utility that is unconsciously purchased & habitually used. We deliver the product to the consumer at below retail with the benefits that everybody already uses it, everybody already understands it, you don’t have to sell it since we don’t collect money, and you don’t change the way the consumer buys the product.

Ambit Energy: A Winning Business Strategy