Keep Your Electric Rates Low - Update or Renew Your Energy Plan


To renew your existing Ambit Energy plan or choose a different product than you currently have:

  1. Login to your Ambit account using your username and password. Note: First time user will have to register using their account number that begins with the letter "A". Your account number can be found on your service enrollment confirmation or on your invoice.
  2. On your main account screen, at the top menu select “My Service Plan” link.
  3. On this screen you may:
    A. Review Rates and Contracts
    B. Choose from a variety of Ambit Energy products to match your needs
    C. View and download your contract documents quickly and easily
  4. Choose your plan and select "Submit".

More Choices, Better Options Keep in mind that if you're currently on a fixed-rate plan, you can select a new product up to 30 days before its expiration without an early termination fee. If you're on variable product, you can select a new plan anytime. Whether you're a customer in Texas, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, California, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Hampshire, Virginia or Maine you can keep your energy rates low with Ambit Energy.